How Do We Select Our Teachers?

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By Mary Clements

Teacher selection is a very important part of how we build our culture at Les Petites Pommes as they are the ones implementing our mission of helping our students to feel confident in themselves while learning French. Whether it’s for our camp or tutoring programs, what we look for specifically are candidates that are not only excellent in French, but also who have the goal of becoming a French teacher, of working with children or who are already currently working with students. We also have teachers who are enrolling in university working towards their degree in French, some who are already in teachers college and some who are already current French teachers in their respective school boards.

For us, being highly competent in French, while also having an ability to work and connect with our students are two, non-negotiable attributes. Since 2009, we have worked with many different teachers at different stages, some have even started with us during their undergrad and stayed with us all the way to teachers college until they were eventually hired to work as a full-time teacher straight away. Below is a video featuring one of our teachers, Olivia who is a French student at McMaster University.

We are all here to help you and your family along you French journey! If you have any questions please reach out anytime, we’d love to hear from you!