Language Learning Tips For Success!

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By Mary Clements

Learning a new language is a very worth-while endeavour! We’re so happy you have found us here at Les Petites Pommes because we want to help support you in supporting your children in achieving success in this awesome goal.

In the video below I have compiled some tips and tricks that we have picked up over the past 10 years while working with thousands of students and their families:

I also wanted to share with you 4 verbs that every students should have memorized. I have made a worksheet above that you can share with your child who maybe beginning French or an older student who might need some extra review. These verbs come up everyday so it is essential that they are easily recalled and spelt properly. To use the worksheet above, simply copy the verbs out exactly as they are written.

Learning verbs isn’t hard, its simply a matter of finding out how your child best memorizes information. For me it’s writing them out over and over again. Some kids might benefit just from looking at this layout while others it might be helpful to cut them up and have them put it back in order. or even post somewhere in the house. Lots of possibilities! For older students, encourage them to memorize their verbs in other tenses using this same method above.

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