Academy-Award Winning Actors and our Camp

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By Mary Clements

I never thought I’d be able to write sentences that included academy award-winning actors and Les Petites Pommes…at least this soon anyways! (Our students are very talented so perhaps in the future I will get to write again 🙂

We had a really exciting week last week here at our home-base in Hamilton at Temple Anshe Sholom! There was a mini-series being filmed in our building and it was a very big production starring academy award winning actress Cate Blanchett, James Marsden and also featuring John Slattery! (Better known to our students as elf lady from Lord of the Rings, Cyclops from X-Men and Iron-Man’s Dad LOL!)

For 5 days the crew worked very hard building sets, moving in props, rewiring lights in our auditorium where the main shoot was taking place.

During filming day, they needed the building to be quiet and the studio was so nice that they arranged for us to have a trip to Dundurn castle. Our students are so thoughtful and really wanted  to send a card to thank the crew for sending us to the trip and also to welcome the actors to Hamilton. So we made a card and I went back to deliver it to the temple. Our new friend Neville,  the location manager kindly delivered all the cards and let us know that Cate Blanchett had received it as well as James Marsden and John Slattery. And this is also when I got to meet James Marsden! Oh Boy!  Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture but I made the following video below summarizing our experience! 

Our Petites Pommes made cards for Cate Blanchett, James Marsden and John Slattery and I got to meet James Marsden! Check out this video summary! 🙂







As summer comes to an end we will be offering again this year, Back-to-School Bootcamp! (August 19-23 2019) This program is inspired by Tony Robbins and the idea of getting our minds and body into PEAK condition right before school! We will be engaging in cross-fit style workouts and in depth French reading, writing and verbs work! This camp is for slightly older kids (Ages 8-12)  since it is more intense then our regular programs. Pictured above is our Leaderboard for physical testing from last year which occurs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

“We compare ourselves to only who we were yesterday!” Students will leave this program with confidence to ease into September and beyond!

@Lppcamp instagram feature post: Had an awesome time at Dundurn Castle yesterday! So much fun as always! 🙂

Check in with Jackie and Jaclyn who are currently running our Pop-up Camps! This week they are in Palmerston, Ontario! Next week they will be in Burlington! 🙂

Session 3: July 29- August 9 2019 (no camp civic holiday)
Session 4: August 12- August 23 2019
Session 5: August 26 – August 30 2019