That’s a wrap on our 10th year of summer camp!

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By Mary Clements

It’s the last day of our 10th summer camp program today! This summer went particularly fast, not to mention the last 10 years! It feels like it was yesterday that I was still in university and just wondering if anyone would every come to a camp that I made up called Les Petites Pommes. I actually almost called it Camp Omelette du Fromage because I thought that was really funny name and we’d have egg themed things everywhere and together, like all the possible different ingredients in an omelette, we would all come together to form something beautiful!..I’m glad I went with apple theme instead!:)

This summer we had many major milestones including:

  • 3 different location running at the same time
  • 3 new cities: Lindsay, Brantford and Burlington
  • 10 year anniversary!
  • Our first STEM camp

We have a lot to talk about this fall as we continue to think about how to serve all our Petites Pommes in these new communities…Welcome to the Les Petites Pommes family!

John and I will be taking a few weeks vacation as everyone settles into their new school year but when we get back we are going to jump right back into planning our programs in Hamilton including Prep-Class, Homeschool Club and after-school tutoring program. As well, we are going to look at how to launch an online tutoring program so we can keep connected with all our friends in new cities as the year progresses. Stay tuned!

During our last two weeks of camp we’ve had our Back-To-School Bootcamp and our annual visit to Welcome Week at McMaster University! Our students are going to be all set for school next week! Don’t forget to subscribe to our youtube channel 🙂

@LPPcamp Post of the week: Merci beaucoup to Jeff Mahoney for writing this awesome article about Les Petites Pommes which is in today’s Hamilton Spectator!

Click Here to read full article from Hamilton Spectator! 🙂

Thank you everyone for another awesome summer! We hope everyone has an awesome long weekend and an amazing back-to-school! 🙂