Numbers Practice Ideas en français

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By Mary Clements

This week we’re all back to running our various programs here in Hamilton including after-school tutoring and after 10-years of helping elementary and high school students I’ve noticed that there are always some basic foundations that come up at this time to be learnt or that would benefit from review.

This week I’d like us to take a look at numbers:

Download Exercise Sheets

Already since being back we’ve seen students who are just learning numbers for the first time to high school students who needed me to remind them how to say 95 en français. (quatre-vingt-quinze) As we learn a second language, it never hurts to take a few moments to review and I remind the students that even sometimes I have to reference some basic items if I haven’t looked at it in a while (especially when it come to spelling) and that’s why we have all sorts of tools to help us 🙂

Above I’ve created a number sheet to help with this. I invite you to print it off and share it with your child and I have some different ideas of how to use it depending on age:

For younger students:

  • If your child is just learning, you can cut out the sheet and play a matching game. Start with 1-10 and work your way up. Even if you have trouble pronouncing the words it is still helpful for them to see and associate the number with the words.
  • Count anything around the house or make it more energetic by doing exercises with it (jumping jacks, leg raises, sit ups etc)
  • Have your child complete the exercise sheet attached above OR you complete the exercise sheet and have your child mark it (put a few mistakes in to see if they catch them 🙂

Older students:

  • This is just review for them and the sheet can simply be printed and placed at the front of their agenda or math binder, or even somewhere around the house.

If you come up with any tips or if you have any topics you’d like to see, let me know as I am planning on exploring more foundations with you over the next few weeks. I will also source lots of inspiration from trending questions at tutoring 🙂

@Lppcamp Post of the Week!: Mayor Fred and I celebrating Franco-Ontarian day yesterday at Hamilton’s City Hall! Ontario is Canada’s largest francophone community outside of Québec and home to over 600,000 francophones. The Franco-Ontario flag is quite beautiful with two vertical bands consisting of a white lily which represents the French-speaking community worldwide and the second is a green trillium, the provincial flower of Ontario. The weather was great and many people and students were gathered at city hall. I also got to see my friend Lisa from Centre Français who puts on so many awesome Francophone events here in Hamilton:) Later in the day, many of our tutoring students told us they had green and white day at school to celebrate! Bonne Journée des Franco-Ontariens!