4 verbs all students need to memorize

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By Mary Clements

This week we are continuing to explore basics of French inspired from questions from our students that come up every year around this time. Help support your child by printing these pages out and completing them:)

Here is what you say:

You: Hey (insert your child’s name here) Mary from Les Petites Pommes sent me this email today with some good tips for you! She has worked with lots of kids old and young for 10 years in French immersion and wants to make sure you have lots of tools to help you at school so that’s why she shared this and told me to share with you 🙂

If they are reluctant tell them I also don’t like doing more work then necessary and I’d only send something that will be worth doing! 🙂

Next explain that in French there are 2 types of verbs, regular and irregular. The regular ones follow a pattern while the irregular ones need to be memorized.

There are 4 irregular verbs that I constantly see incorrectly spelled and misused. These pages should help with that!

Download Pages for Avoir, Etre, Aller, and Faire

Have them look over these pages and copy out the verbs 6 times each. Very simple, but VERY helpful!

You might be thinking, my child is in grade 6 or 7, they definitely know this by now, but I would still double check because as they learn new verbs and variations they sometimes need to be reminded. As well since avoir and être are used to build past tense, they are extra important!

Learning verbs isn’t hard, its simply a matter of finding out how your child best memorizes information. For me it’s writing them out, some kids might benefit just from looking at this layout others it might be helpful to cut them up and have them put it back in order. Lots of possibilities. For older students, encourage them to memorize their verbs in other tenses using this method.

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