Verbs, They Confused Me For Too Long!

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By Mary Clements

When I was in grade 8 I still didn’t really understand how to conjugate verbs which became even more problematic in grade 9. I felt inspired to create and share these worksheets to help spare students the hassle of having to re-learn all of these basics like I had to. It’s written in English so they will understand the very simple pattern. For me, the best way to memorize was copying it out at least 5 times. I encourage students to find a memorization system that works best for them 🙂

In case you missed it, the last 2 weeks we have learnt:

Students in grade 3 and 4 (French Immersion) will be learning how to conjugate for the first time and it should be review for older students, however you’d be surprised how many students (even in grade 8 and 9) are just guessing and don’t actually understand these basic foundations (like me when I was that age!)

This week we are looking at IR verbs!

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Our youngest students in Prep-Class this week learning lots of new words and phrases with John!
Our Prep-Class is for students ages 3-5 and it is meant to introduce children to French in a fun and engaging way: we play, we sing, we do crafts, and we take explore the outdoors. Each topic has an activity to reinforce the use of the concepts to make the ideas more real for our young learners.
French Prep Class runs all school year on Tuesdays and Fridays at our Hamilton location 🙂

@LPPCamp Instagram post of the week!: Just wanted to post a message to say BIENVENUE to all our new followers this past week! We can’t wait to share with you lots of fun opportunities and tips for French for you and your family. People who have been with us for a long time already know this, but if you ever have any questions or need any help send us a message!