I’m Getting Married! + Useful French Websites :)

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By Mary Clements


Don’t worry everyone, our verb series will be back next week! This week, I’m in wedding mode because…I’m getting married on Saturday! Yay! Above is a picture of me and my husband-to-be, Charles from our engagement photos at McMaster University. We met in 2006 at McMaster while I was studying French and Music and he was in Computer Engineering & Management.

I didn’t start university with a particular career in mind, all I knew was that I liked Music and Languages. It was actually Charles who put me on to the idea of possibly starting my own business because during one of his classes, the nice people from Hamilton’s small business enterprise centre had gone and gave a presentation about Summer Company. As I’ve mentioned before, Les Petites Pommes was started 10 years ago through my participation in the Summer Company Program (offered through the government of Ontario, SC helps young people between 15 and 29 years old start and run their own summer business by providing funding, advice and services) I might not have even heard of this program if it wasn’t for Charles and he also helped me put together my initial business plan to get accepted into the program 🙂

Following the discovery of this idea and program, Charles’ parents also encouraged me greatly to try out entrepreneurship. They had come from Malaysia to Canada in the late 70’s and started their own private international high-school called Southern Ontario College. The first summer, everything was new and challenging and it was Charles’ mother and father who encouraged me to persevere and remind me that if they could come from a foreign country and start and build a business here in Canada without speaking English and make it work, I could definitely do it! It was also very neat our business were both in the field of education.

Their belief and support really helped give me the courage to keep going when barriers would come up and discourage me. I’m very grateful they did because now I get the honour and privilege of being part of your families and supporting all of our students in pursuit of their goals and dreams! Our students mean everything to me and I’m so lucky to witness their journeys and continue to build community and grow our team to serve them 🙂 Next week I’ll let you know how the wedding went and we’ll get back to our verb series!

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Above is a list of very useful websites that we make sure all of our tutoring students know about and are able to use independently! They are very useful tools and I highlight recommend you share this file with child 🙂 They are also most useful when used all together!

C’est L’Halloween, C’est L’Halloween, HEY! Today’s the day we blast this song on Repeat! We hope everyone has a safe and spooky Halloween 🙂