Creative French Practice At Home

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By Mary Clements

As all four major teacher unions continue striking tomorrow in Ontario + Family Day this past Monday, students have had only 3 days of school this week. So we thought we’d share some creative and easy ideas to keep up that French practice outside the classroom 🙂

Label The House: 

Students use and learn lots of classroom vocab daily but there are many items in the house that never come up. Get out your post-its, your dictionaries or pull out Word Reference on your phone, it’s time to learn some new house vocab! If they aren’t comfortable using the dictionary yet, this is a great opportunity to teach them in comfortable environment and to become familiarized with it. Wordref is our favourite online dictionary as it offers more information so we recommend they just start with that as oppose to google translate.

Do Some Baking en Français:

Tell your child you want to bake but you can’t figure out the recipe because it’s in French, and now they need to employ their excellent dictionary and translating skills! It will be a fun activity together, here are some ideas:

  • Les Muffins Aux Bananes–  Banana Muffins, an easy and light snack!
  • Soupe Aux Légumes (La Meilleure au Monde)- Vegetable soup, the best in the world! This would make a hearty and healthy lunch!
  • Croque-Monsieur Classique!– This famous sandwich has many variations but I’ve chosen for you the classic one. Click here to read up on the history of this popular French sandwich and to see just a handful of those ingredient variations, including The Croque Madame! 
  • Gateau au Chololat Vegan -Vegan chocolate cake! Yum! This one will be fun to experiment with but I would add non-dairy chocolate chips to the batter if I was making it. Bonus, this one has a video that goes with it as well!

Soundtrack To Your Day:

While you are all busy labeling and cooking, I’ve picked out the perfect playlist called “Grandir au Québec (Growing up in Québec) but really it’s all of our growing up soundtrack! All your Disney favs organized for you en Français and it epically kicks off with first song from the Lion King…Enjoy!

Our Netflix Top Pick: 

Lastly you’ve been active all day and the kids want to chill and have some screen time. Of course you can watch the classic Disney movies in French but you might be tired from your Disney playlist and want something a bit newer. One of our favs shows right now is called “ Miraculous, Les Aventures de Ladybug et Chat Noir” It’s set in modern day Paris, has 2 fun super heroes who transform and has very pleasant animation! This is one of John and I’s favourites!

Let us know if you end up trying any of these ideas or if you have some ideas that have worked well for you! As always, we love and appreciate your feedback:)

Have fun!