A Message During Social Distancing

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By Mary Clements

Bonjour everyone, I hope you are keeping well amidst all the changes happening right now! I feel like I have all been on a wild roller-coaster since they announced school closures last week. All weekend I prepared for Monday so we could hit the ground running  getting our teachers all trained and prepared for online tutoring and coming up with new plans. By Tuesday, I had already burnt myself out on optimism, the overload of news and all the changes really hit me.  I also realized how much I was going to miss our March Break Camp, things got pretty dark!

After I rallied on Wednesday, I realized our students might be going through this full spectrum of unexpected emotions and I wanted to make them a video for them that talks about:

  • 3 Ideas to help cheer themselves up if they are feeling down
  • Reminding them about the importance of talking about their feelings
3 Ideas For My Friends At Home During Social Distancing
Since I was missing March Break, I also put together a video of one of the books we planned on reading, Ma Dent New Veut pas Tomber, Par Robert Munsch. Click the Video below to read along!