Useful Website for French Reading

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By Mary Clements

Your children may not realize quite yet, but being able to read in another language is a very special super power. It will allow them to understand things from a different perspective and as Dr Seuss says, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

Here’s some resources available digitally that we use during our online camps, French chats and tutoring programs:

Boukili – A free illustrated children’s book app! This is one of my go to’s for students in Jk to grade 6 or 7. It’s very interactive, easy to use and over all just well done.

Radio-Canada: Zone Jeunesse – Here is a series of blogs for kids on CBC Jeunesse. I like to use this our students in grade 5-8. They are nicely organized into categories and there is also a video blog.

Raz+ – This one is more made more for teachers and it includes fiction and non-fiction levelled French books and also corresponding exercises and work pages. This page isn’t free to use however they have a free trial in which you can download and print lots out in that time 🙂 This is more useful for younger students, around JK-grade 2.

Lawless French- I mainly use this website for looking up grammar points quickly, however they do have a reading section with nicely levelled articles as well!

Lastly, for our older students, I like to recommend to them to seek out their favourite English books for a re-read in French. For example, Harry Potter is a very popular one and a few years ago the Hunger Games series was all the rage!

Of course I have to include our Story Time With Mary Videos here as well! Here is this week’s, it is the 4th book about the Dubé family from Timmins. If you missed the first 3, don’t worry the links are in the description! Excited to be back making these regularly again… Don’t forget to like and subscribe, this is how I know to keep making more!