To My Non-French Speaking Parents

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By Mary Clements

Tis the season of French Immersion information nights and last week I was invited to speak at my first ever online FI information night!

These nights don’t appear that exciting on the outside as administration are usually just relaying information about the enrolment process, but over the years after participating and sharing my story at so many, I have been lucky that so many parents have let me inside their motivations for attending and shared their very special dreams and hopes that they have for their children and also their worries and fears. These events remind me  that where there is a decision to pursue language learning, there is a dream. A dream that is big, that inspires a goal which leads to a journey that is unique and special and we are enthusiastic allies and honoured to be a part of this dream for our families here at Les Petites Pommes.

These events also remind me of my own parents. Like many, my parents do not speak French. (My mom has since learnt quite a bit, but at the time didn’t know anything:) I imagine them sitting in a gym in 1992 figuring out that the school I had to attend was farther away than my neighbourhood school, I would have to take a bus and the many other challenges involved. My road through French Immersion was not easy at first and teachers even encouraged my mother at many stages to pull me out of the program. Eventually by grade 5 I had an FI teacher I really connected with and things started to click from there.  Merci mom and dad for always supporting me! 🙂

While FI was the beginning of my road to language learning, it is not the be all end all of French language mastery. We support students from all different paths and different stages from core, Montessori, private, and more who have attended our programs and who we have witnessed to go on and have great success in their French learning careers.

To everyone who reads this newsletter, we support your big goals, we are a here for you and if you have any questions please reach out any time 🙂

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