Useful Resources for French Listening

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By Mary Clements

Listening is a vital skill on the road to language acquisition and mastery. While skills such as reading, speaking and writing are essential to develop language proficiency, listening contributes primarily for language expertise. For this week’s newsletter, I enlisted the help one of our awesome teachers, Jackie to share with us some of the resources she uses to help improve her students French listening skills:

The French Experiment  A free website with many children’s stories in english or french. Ideal for primary/junior students. The website has features such as texts which are also translated into english and the ability to listen to the story.

Savoirs: This website is magnifique for intermediate aged students who wish to improve or practice their listening skills. This website provides short and long listening videos which are transcribed for those who need it. They can also be used for school projects as many non fiction topics such as the environment, francophone culture, history and health are included. Lastly, there are questions at the beginning and end of the videos to quiz your comprehension.

Coffee Break French: This website is a great podcast website where students can listen and learn french with whichever level they are at: beginner, intermediate, upper intermediate or advanced. The speaker talks in both english and french and provides many new phrases and dialogue pieces that are very useful for everyday french conversations.
*to use the website, hover over the “Podcasts” button at the top of the page, click “Coffee Break French” and then click your child’s level.

If you have a topic you’d like us to research and help provide resources on, just send us an email and we’ll always try our best!

Jackie has worked at our in-person and virtual camps, planned curriculum and also tutored with us for the past 4 years while she finished university and teachers college. She also has some tutoring openings this month as well, so if you don’t have time to help your child with the resources above, send us an email and we can set up a tutoring assessment and be your child’s personal assistant on the road to French mastery 🙂


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