French Math Resources

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By Mary Clements

Something we get asked for support with all the time in our tutoring program is Math in French! Our awesome teacher Jackie has been compiling resources for us and I’m excited to share with you what she found:

Parents can create a free account and use the website to access many different questions, categorized by chapter/strand in the Ontario Math Curriculum. The source can be accessed in french or english and is for grades 3-5. Students can work individually to answer questions and to level up their robot!

Math Frog: 
This is a free resource (in English from the University of Waterloo) that includes lessons, exercises and games for most 6 areas that are included in the math curriculum: Data Management and Probability, Geometry and Spatial Sense, Measurement, Number Sense and Numeration and Patterning and Algebra. This website is categorised by grade and includes grades 4-6. Some topics include: money, decimals and multiplication.

This website is for students grades 1-6, with many lessons and games that relate directly to the Ontario math curriculum. The website uses images that will be colourful and engaging to any math learner! Just with a free account, users can access many french activities.

Math can be a very challenging subject for students, especially when the vocabulary is taught in French. We hope these help and as always, we’re here if you need some extra extra help! 

Stay tuned for more awesome resources from Jackie!