Raclette Dinner-Part deux!

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By Mary Clements

Last week I wrote about the wonderful world and history of raclette dining, and after I finished researching and writing the newsletter, I went on a bit of an impulse buy session and purchased a raclette grill from Amazon.

Well, it has arrive and boy it is fun! So many sweet and savoury possibilities! I tried it right away with my husband and we loved it! Ironically, cheese isn’t the best for either of us so our raclette set up has turned into more of a Korean BBQ situation as you can see from the picture of my husband grilling shrimp and veggies. But when we can host people again someday I’m sure we’ll make use of the cheese options.

Last week I recommended this as fun way to extend dining time and family enjoyment together. While it is an excellent way to extend dinner time, I realized after trying it again that it might be a little bit of a hazard if you have very little children running around since it is so hot! You will also most likely have to use an extension cord to plug it in which could become a tripping hazard. That being said, I can see  our leadership camp setting up a crêpe stand (with all chords and hot elements out of the way of course) and hosting our younger class to sweet and savoury treats with this new toy when we get back to in-person camp someday!