French Videos For Movement

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By Mary Clements

Children who move while learning see many benefits from increased focus to being happier and healthier. Studies show that incorporating movement into our learning routines allows students to connect concepts to actions and this is particularly useful in our second language acquisition goals.

Here’s some movement videos compiled by Jackie and myself that you can add to your daily learning routines. We’ve organized them by recommended age group to help make it as easy as possible for you:

JK-Grade 2:
5-a-day Fitness: Disco En Français – Excellent to learn some vocabulary while moving!

Grade 3- Grade 8:
Here are a bunch of super fun Just Dances en français. I recommended up to grade 8, but I’ll be honest, when I do them with the kids during camp I find it fun and challenging!

Dance Monkey (en Français)
Popaoutai- Stromae 
Libérée, Delivrée- La Reine Des Neiges (Very Dramatic)

Tabata en Classe: I love tabata workouts and this mini one will remind students at home of being in a classroom!

Cube D’energie!: These guys are really fun, a 15 minute exercise burst!

Grade 9-Adult 
Here’s a 40 minute yoga fitness en français!
40 Minute de Sport Avec Julie Ferrez

As pandemic winter continues, let’s all keeping moving forward together! 🙂

If your looking for something live, interactive and extra engaging, we are currently running some French Yoga sessions, check them out on our website!