The Core Values That Guide Our Work

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By Mary Clements

When I started Les Petites Pommes in 2009 as a summer camp, I knew exactly the vision that I wanted it for it: A place where children would come and feel happy because they could be themselves, they would be and feel heard, where everyone in the camp supported each other whether they were older or younger, they could be a leader or be helped by one-and-other and from this place of meeting the students where-ever they were on their learning journey, we could help them learn and practice French.  No matter what level they were at, it was enough and it was where we would improve from. I also knew we needed to do our best to make learning as fun as possible! (The Disney land of French camps lol)

I knew this very clearly and would make sure who ever came into our team, also understood this. Last year, I realized it was time for us as a company to summarize these even better for our whole community. Here’s the core-values that guide us on our daily work:
Compassionate CommunicationpastedGraphic.png

Our words are our power and we choose to use them to communicate with compassion in French, English or any language. Whether we are in dialogue with ourselves or each other, no challenge is too big when we listen, speak and lead with kindness, understanding and empathy.


Big DreamspastedGraphic_1.png

Where there is a decision to pursue language learning, there isa dream. A dream that is big, that inspires a goal which leads to a journey that is unique and special. We are enthusiastic allies in the pursuit of your big dreams!


pastedGraphic_2.pngSafety and Inclusion

Before one can learn, they must be and feel safe. Creating spaces that are reliably and consistently safe and welcoming to all is essential to us.


Confidence Through French Learning

We provide excellent French education and we celebrate when students learn something they didn’t know yesterday. We believe the more positive experiences and interactions with French and learning that we can create, the more likely students are to feel confident in themselves and their abilities.


pastedGraphic_3.pngCreating Fun!

Together we can create experiences, and interactions that nurture play, laughter, and fun while learning French!


Practicing PresencepastedGraphic_4.png

We believe in holding a space of acceptance for our students and meeting them where they are on their learning journey. This begins with listening and being present to their needs.

Whether it’s our tutoring program, our online or in-person camps, or any other programs we offer throughout  year, this is what is we think about when serving our community.