Summer Camp 2021 is now in session: in-person and online!

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By Mary Clements

Summer is such a special season of the year. It offers us days to bask in the sun, play, and also a time for students to learn for pure enjoyment’s sake outside of the pressures and timelines of the regular school year.

We love this time of year because we get to see just that, students learning and having fun, no matter what level they are at, and building confidence in themselves and their abilities. When learning occurs in this type of environment, where the motto is challenge by choice, it is not a chore but a place to recover and reenergize. This type of learning helps students not only in the school year but beyond and this is what is happening everyday this summer in our French programs.

Whether it’s our one-on-one tutoring program,  online or in-person camps, we’re here to help our students succeed in French!

Click video below to see our theme for online French Summer Camp 2021!

After a year and 3 months of being online, we’re finally back in-person at our Hamilton, Ontario location of summer camp!

Click the video below to see how it’s going:

Online, we have kids across Canada popping in all summer! We can’t wait to meet and work with all our new and old petites pommes in-person and online 🙂