Our Les Petites Pommes Scholarship Program

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By Mary Clements

Click the video above to learn more about our Scholarship Program! 

For quite some time now, I have wanted to start a Les Petites Pommes Scholarship. As the pandemic continues on it has made this project feel even more urgent as many of our current and new families have shared their personal struggles with myself and the team.

When I think about all the messages we have received from parents over the years talking about the positive impacts we have on their children and their families I realize the necessity of our work. Many have expressed that because of the special care from our teachers, we were the difference in whether or not their child was able to pursue a second language education. This is something that going forward, I would like to extend to more families by having a mechanism in which we can help remove financial barriers through being able to offer either a full or partial scholarship.

If this is something you would be interested/ able to help with, here are some different ways to support the scholarship:

  • Make a Purchase from our store: This is our first time selling LPP merch and I love how they turned out! They also make great gifts 🙂 50% of the funds goes directly to the scholarship. Check them out and order here: https://lespetitespommes.ca/scholarship/
  • Give a Gift : Give a gift  of any amount you would like at your convenience. 100% of the funds goes directly to the scholarship. Consider starting at $25 however any amount helps and will make a difference.  https://lespetitespommes.ca/scholarship/
  • Share about our Scholarship page on social media or with a friend:  You can say something like:Just gave a gift to this awesome scholarship that helps send kids to camp!:  https://lespetitespommes.ca/scholarship/  Tag our socials! Twitter and Insta: @lppcamp Facebook: Les Petites Pommes

Thank you so much for being a part of our learning community! It’s truly our privilege to be able to teach so many awesome students the joys of speaking French 🙂

Some pics of some awesome people enjoying their new Les Petites Pommes swag! Thank you for contributing to our scholarship program!