Grade 4 French Check List

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By Mary Clements

We’re back on the list! In case you missed the previous weeks, check out our:

These topics below pop-up on this list so I’m relinking them here. They are a very common areas of struggle for many students from adults to kids a like, especially as the verbs start to compound in grade 4! It can become difficult to keep them all straight.

Regular Verbs:

Irregular Verbs:

Other items:

Just a reminder that while the lists were made with French Immersion students in mind, it is definitely not limited to them. Since many students across Canada have different start grades for FI for various reasons ranging from JK to grade 2 or 3,  a more accurate title for this list would be a checklist for those in their fourth year of French learning in French Immersion. I’ve also used all of these sheets with our adults students. The work here isn’t glamouous but it gets the job done!