Surprise your child with a French Valentine’s Day Card!

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By Mary Clements

Yesterday during our French Learning Circle class, we were making Valentine’s day cards and the students put together a list of phrases they could use to make their own French Valentines Day Cards.

Afterwards I was thinking, wouldn’t it be nice if parents could surprise their children with a French Valentine’s Day card? So I thought a ready-made list could help you with this. I also did some googling and found these cute “coupons” in English, so I translated them below incase you wanted to attach some to the card. You could even write it in English on one side and French on the other if it is above their current level.

Coupons pours Enfants- Coupons for Kids

Bon Cinéma– À utiliser pour aller voir un film de ton choix avec (maman, papa, grand-mère, grand-père etc)
Good Cinema– To use to go to see a film of your choice with (mom, dad, grandma, grandpa)

Bon Jeux– À utiliser pour avoir une soirée de jeux de table en famille
Good Game– To use to have a game night with family

Bon Repas– À utiliser pour avoir un repas de ton choix
Good meal– To use to have a meal of your choice

Bon Congé– À utiliser pour avoir une journée sans tâches dans la maison
Good Rest– To use to have a day without house chores

Bon Restaurant– À utiliser pour avoir un sortie en famille à un restaurant de ton choix
Good Restaurant– To use to have family night out to a restaurant of your choice

À: To
Chèr/Chère: Dear
De: From
Avec amour: with love
Je t’aime beaucoup!– I love you a lot!

If you end up making a card en français, I would love if you shared a picture with me 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day filled with lots of love!

On the left are some phrases that our students came up with yesterday for their cards, there are also some excellent ideas in here including: I love you more than a megalodon!- Je t’aims plus u’un mégalodon! On the right is a Valentine’s Day vocabulary list 🙂