Succeed en français this March Break!

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By Mary Clements

I remember it very clearly, 2 years ago on Friday, March 13, 2020, making the decision to cancel our March Break Camp (that was supposed to start on the following Monday) while also announcing that all tutoring was moving online until Ontario schools reopened. We had never canceled a program like that before and had never even thought about online teaching.

We didn’t waste one moment over that March Break moving all our teaching resources online, (I delivered a scanner, a laptop and piles of books to one of our high school students and paid him to scan for many days!) while we had teacher meetings everyday discussing how this was going to work.

When I think back to this time, I feel proud of how we showed up for our students and families and didn’t end up missing one of their scheduled sessions after March Break. It was shortly after this that we realized we could now help students outside of our hometown in Hamilton, Ontario and for the next month, I was hosting Free French Chats for students across Canada while uploading French Storytime with Mary Videos on our YouTube channel everyday.

Fast forward 2 years later, there’s so many new, awesome families in our Les Petites Pommes community that we never would have got to connect with if we hadn’t pushed ourselves outside of our comfort zone. Thank you all for reading our newsletter and being here with us! We’re so excited for our in-person and online March Break Camps that are running next week and so happy that we get the privilege of sharing the joy of French learning with you all!