Improve French @ In-Person Camp!

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By Mary Clements

At our camps, we get to connect with students and leverage the time summer offers us to have fun learning and improving our French! We have seen/heard over the years that time spent at our camps help students to succeed in September and beyond!

Last week, I asked our online teacher and resident writer, Juana to spend some time at our in-person summer camp and talk to the teachers and students about how their summer with us has been going. Here’s what she found out:

What our students said was their favourite things about camp so far:

-Splash pad day on hot days!
-Playing with friends!
-Making a volcano for science!
-Doing arts and crafts with clay and potting plants in them!

What our teachers said about how it’s going so far: 

“I really like that this year I’m overseeing the class I used to be in in camp and it all feels really homey. I know the values of camp by heart and it feels really easy to share them with the kids. Getting to know the students is the best thing.” 

(While this is Sam’s first year as a teacher, she started out with us when she was younger as a camper, and then also attended our leadership program!)

“My favourite part of camp is getting to know each student individually. I used to be an English teacher in France and it feels so nice to be teaching French now in Canada while also doing fun activities. Doing crafts with the students is also one of my favourite parts!”

(This is Max’s first summer at Les Petites Pommes!)