A Personal Assistant For Your Child

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By Mary Clements

If you have read our past newsletters, then you will know that we are firm believers in viewing French as a tool that goes beyond the classroom. Language allows us to explore our self-expression, identity, and new perspectives. This is why it is important to be able to use it in different contexts, not only during our classes or for exams.

Now, while school is a wonderful place to learn and develop life skills, it is not always easy! Many children can benefit from getting a bit of extra help to thrive…this is where tutoring comes in! I was speaking with our awesome teacher and book writer Juana, and asked her to prepare some thoughts on the benefits of tutoring.

How tutoring can benefit students:

1. Experiencing different teaching styles: We all have different needs and challenges when it comes to learning. Some children are very good at sorting things out on their own, and may easily adapt to the way their main teacher explains things. But many students struggle and can really benefit from having a tutor with a different teaching style! Having a tutor that can answer their questions and who can come up with new and engaging ways to explain things will surely increase their motivation and confidence in school!

2. Tutoring creates a safe space for children to learn: Many times we find students who are described to us as shy or quiet, but we soon realize during our sessions that they are actually very open, talkative and eager to share their thoughts! We get it. Participating, raising your hand or writing on the whiteboard in a classroom full of people can feel daunting, even if you know the right answers. Having a nice, calm conversation with just another person who is there to support you and not judge you, allows them to be more comfortable to ask questions, make mistakes and enjoy learning!


3. Tutoring can be tailored and personalized to each student’s needs and interests: As we’ve said previously, motivation is a huge part of learning success, and while school teachers make a HUGE effort to create exciting ways to experience the curriculum,  sometimes the topic or the activities that are done in school are not everyone’s cup of tea. However, in tutoring, we can create a new curriculum based on the student’s needs, strengths and interests. We focus on their learning process while using the language to engage with our students’ interests, which makes learning more fun for everyone involved. Having a place where you can freely talk about things you are passionate about is beneficial, to the point where some don’t even realize that while they are doing this, they are learning and improving their French!