Grades 1 to 4 Learning Checklists

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By Mary Clements

Do you have children in grade 1 to 4 French Immersion this year?…We made these lists for you! Below are some common topics that are covered during these years of learning. We’ve laid them out in a nice and easy way to help you check in with the French learner in your family and see what is missing. We recommend putting this on the fridge and checking off the boxes as they solidify the information until all the items are done. This list is also great if your child is working with a tutor, you can just hand it to them and say, “cover this list!” We released these checklists last year and parents gave us very positive feedback on them so we just wanted to send them out again for all the new families here!

Grade 1 Check List

Grade 2 Check List 

Grade 3 Check List 

Grade 4 Check List

Just a reminder that while the lists were made with French Immersion students in mind, they are definitely not limited to them. Since many students across Canada have different start grades for FI for various reasons ranging from JK to grade 2 or 3,  a more accurate title for this list would be a checklist for those in their fourth year of French learning in French Immersion. I’ve also used these sheets with our adults students as well to see where they were at. As always, if you have a topic or a question you’d like us to cover in this newsletter, please just reply to this email and we’d be happy to research and discuss. We love to help our families! Happy French Learning!