Canadian Parents for French & Les Petites Pommes

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By Mary Clements

This past weekend my mother Nina and I were in Collingwood, Ontario at Blue Mountain for the Canadian Parents for French Family Weekend and Annual General Meeting.

We were in charge of all of the kids while parents participated in various sessions and workshops learning about how they

can support their children in French through volunteering and other tools to help them learn French.

Just incase you’re wondering what CPF is, it is a not-for profit organization which includes a national network of parents, educators and volunteers who believe in the gift of bilingualism and who work to advocate for and promote FSL opportunities for students.

When I was just starting out Les Petites Pommes 13 years ago when I was only 23 years old, I remember going to a CPF meeting here in Hamilton and they helped to give me great tips like making sure I included before and aftercare in summer camp since parents would like that! (I was 23 and  just starting out, I didn’t know these things! 🙂

I also remember before this, our CPF in Hamilton advocating to make sure French immersion students had a bus since there was no transportation to the FI schools for the students who didn’t live near by (which was more then half of our class!) These are just some examples of the volunteer work that a local chapter does.

If you’re interested in getting involved, you can contact your provincial branch of CPF and see what local chapters they might have in your area. Our Hamilton Chapter has some great people in it that I’m lucky to call my friends! 🙂 Special shout out to our friends in Palmerston, Ontario who also have an amazing chapter and are always organizing super fun events!…and also I met some very cool people from the east and west coasts at the national conference in 2018! In summary, it’s a great group of people! 🙂

This was our entire group of kids this past weekend! Some students had even been with us during our LPP online programs and this was our first time meeting them in person which was really neat! My mom and I stick out in our yellow LPP shirts amongst the sea of CPF green who’s shirts said, “je parle français…et toi?”