A big personal goal achieved!

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By Mary Clements

I recently achieved a huge person goal. On November 4th, I released my first studio album of all original music! Some of you may know my personal story from previous newsletters that in university I studied both French and Music and that Les Petites Pommes was almost started as a music camp!

I wanted to share this news with all of you because on the album I feature 2 songs with French lyrics. It was very important to me that I feature French on the album because it is something that has enriched my life greatly and I feel very proud that I am able to express myself this way. Another bonus is that it allows me connect with even more audiences and I’ve even had some French press because of it! (Most is in English 🙂

Above is a single off the album called “Bonne Nuit” and it is about that time when you are just about to fall asleep. My nighttime self is reflective and sometimes judgmental of whatever my daytime self might have gotten up to that day so I wrote this song as a way to help encourage self acceptance so that I could rest easier and gentler to face another day.

In the lines “Avec mes peurs et défis, je fais des amis, come with me it’s okay, I’ll help you find your way,” the French translates to “With my fears and my challenges, I make friends” and is an invitation for myself and the listeners to cultivate self-acceptance of the less comfortable aspects of ourselves and life.

The full album is called “Come With Me”

and I named it this as an invitation for others to join me in this new journey, a new musical adventure filled with creativity, connection and compassion for ourselves and others. You can hear it wherever you stream your music or if you’re more of a physical copy person, you can purchase a CD from maryclements.ca. I also have a monthly music newsletter where you could follow along as well.

In conclusion, you never know where your French learning may lead you! French has led me to all of you (13 years of amazing experiences!) and now down a new road through my music. I always share with the students, both in-person and online, how important it is to have goals and to pursue our big dreams and that each one of them has unique and special talents to share with the world and that they can achieve whatever they put their mind to!

See you all next week when we’ll be back to some more French learning tips:)

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