Help your child read in French!

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By Mary Clements

Reading practice is always top of mind as a recommendation teachers make to help their students improve their language learning. As we enter November parents have usually had at least one mid-term report or parent-teacher updates where reading might have been on the list to work on. I asked one of our awesome teachers, Juana, to make a recommendation that speaks to this, here’s what she said.

Juana’s Favourite Resource For At-Home Reading Practice

One of the most common questions I get after a tutoring session is: How do I encourage my child to read more? What can I do at home to help them improve their skills ?One of the most important things while learning a language is reading, and it is often also an area where students have trouble with at one point or another while learning french. To help this, I personally love to use Boukili as a tool for my students, and here are a few reasons why:

Firstly, Boukili is a levelled readers platform which means that we can have books for students from beginner to intermediate. They are set up in a way where each book has a main topic with a set vocabulary around it, and each level introduces new and complex sentence structures that can help with their everyday communication.

Secondly, Boukili includes three reading modes: solo, narration and recording. My favourite is the solo mode because it allows you to listen to the story sentence by sentence before reading it out loud. It is a great tool for practicing reading and pronunciation! Using the narration mode can also be good if you just want to listen to a bedtime story with your child in french!

At the end of each story, there is also a quiz that tests your comprehension and new vocabulary. With each new story you also unlock mini-games related to a country your little Raton Laveur (raccoon) visits and learns about..It is fun all around!

To try Boukili, you can visit their website here:

P.S Did you know we are working on our own levelled reader book series? Our first book “Chez Mamie” came out in June and is available for purchase below. I am the storybook writer and I hope that our books can help make French reading practice fun and alive for students.