YWCA Women Of Distinction Awards

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By Mary Clements

Last week I was incredibly honoured to be a nominee at the 2023 Hamilton YWCA Women of Distinction Awards! The annual award recognizes outstanding women and organizations who are committed to the development of other women and to the overall improvement of the community.

I received the nomination from my alma mater, McMaster University who wrote that I was a leader exemplifying my

humanities education (French & Music) through my work  with Les Petites Pommes since 2009 and the recent release of my debut album entitled, “Come With Me”.

I was really touched to received the nomination package that they prepared which included letters of recommendation from former Les Petites Pommes teachers, students and parents as well as my music producer! (I’m not crying, you’re crying!)

For me, one of the most important values is the pursuit of big dreams. Being part of this experience really highlighted for me that when women go for their dreams, our communities become a better place for everyone!

There were 70 other nominees and 5 winners at the 1100 person event last Thursday. While I didn’t win the final award, I was humbled to get to spend time with all of the other nominees and to learn about all their impressive works and projects. It was truly and unforgettable night and experience!

Happy International Women’s Day and thank you for letting us walk with you and your family on your French language learning journeys!

My husband Charles was a very happy attendee as well as my mother!

Pictured left: all the nominees on the stage Pictured right: Myself, my father and my husband with awesome women leader, Marianne Mead-Ward the mayor of the City of Burlington.