French Levelled Readers

Les Petites Pommes Publishing is proud to present our first French levelled reader in our Nos Histoires Series, Chez Mamie!

“Chez Mamie is the first book in the Nos Histories Series which is based on real stories shared with us by real people to help build an inclusive and diverse learning tool for French language learners. This project is presented by Mary Clements and Les Petites Pommes, an award-winning education company that since 2009 has run camps and tutoring programs that help students have fun and feel confident while learning French.”

In 2020, we started a project that had been a dream of ours for many years, a French levelled reader series of our very own inspired by working and teaching students since 2009.

The purpose of our book series is two-fold:

1) To present diverse, inclusive, and compelling stories to increase visibility for underrepresented communities

2) To provide an excellent French language learning resource for FSL students

Representation matters and we wanted our students to have an FSL learning tool where they could see themselves reflected back. Research shows that students who are exposed to more diversity are more likely to achieve success in life, work, and as leaders. We envision a learning tool that reflects a fuller spectrum of stories from gender, race, physical ability, religion, age, family structures, culture, socioeconomic status, and more.

We also recognize that with this range of stories we would like to present, they are not all ours to tell which is why in 2020 we asked for help. We began to collect stories from those who were interested in helping us to create a positive, inclusive, diverse educational tool and we are still currently accepting stories.

What exactly does does my participation look like?

  1. Think of a story you would like to share, see questions below for some examples.
  2. Fill out our Google survey with your information.
  3. If your story is selected, you will be contact by a Les Petites Pommes teacher to schedule a time to share your story.
  4. A 15-20 minute Zoom video call between you and a Les Petites Pommes teacher will be recorded and then sent to our book development team, to be converted into a story.

With their permission, all participants will be acknowledged in our book project and will have contributed to creating a diverse reading tool that will be used by students learning French!

Take Survey

Below are some examples of story topics to help you get started:

  • Talk about a competitive experience
  • Share a childhood memory
  • Talk about a time you felt special
  • Talk about your favourite hobby
  • Talk about a great compliment you received
  • Talk about a time you felt successful
  • Talk about a time you faced a challenge
  • Talk about your favourite sport
  • How does music affect your life?
  • Talk about a family tradition you enjoy
  • Talk about your favourite dessert
  • Give 3 reasons you like yourself
  • Talk about your favourite childhood game
  • How do you act when you want to avoid something?
  • Tell about a time when you were teased
  • Talk about a joyful time in your life
  • Talk about taking risks
  • Talk about an understanding person in your life
  • When do you feel most peaceful?

You can also purchase our book at any of the following vendors: Friesen Press, Amazon Canada, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, and Google Play.