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Grades 3+

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Our Online French Reading Club runs every two weeks (1st and 3rd) Saturdays from 11 AM-12 PM (EST/EDT).

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Does your young one love reading? Come join our French online reading club where we come together to discuss what we’ve each been reading, learn about books we may never have read from our fellow club members, and share in guided discussions moderated by one of our teachers. Book clubs aren’t just for adults, they’re for everyone!

Students will be expected to have read books on their own and to come together with the teacher & class ready to talk about them – the purpose of Reading Club is to share our love of reading and practise the beginnings of literary analysis. We know that our learners have a variety of skill levels, so while we encourage French use wherever possible, we will also support students wherever their skills are. We encourage students to share favourite books from home, get a new book from the library, or to go out and buy some new books to explore! Books come in many shapes and sizes: picture books, graphic novels, comic books, novels, and everything in between. This space will also help students appreciate different kinds of books as all the participants share the kinds of books that speak to them!

Book club will be held every two weeks (1st and 3rd) with monthly registration available for anyone who is interested in taking part from 11am-12pm on Saturdays.

Program-Specific Questions
  1. Will you be providing the books for the students?
  2. How will I know if these are the right levels for me?
  3. What ages can join?

Will you be providing the books for the students?

Students will find books that they love – this is a big part of why they’ll want to share their opinions and thoughts on the book. Empowering student choice encourages ownership of their thoughts and ideas. If suggestions are needed, we can help!

What if we didn’t manage to read a book for the meetup?

You can always share an old favourite, maybe even share some new thoughts or perspectives on it. Also, even partially read books are good for us to chat about! A book that we have thoughts, opinions, and memories of will be helpful no matter what. Students are also welcome to discuss English books using their French language!

What ages can join?

We recommend students who are in grades 3+ so that they have the basic language skills to discuss our books using French and also so that the books are complex enough to be able to dig into them during our discussions.